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was also an economic advisor to president clinton. now he teaches at princeton. alan blinder's latest book is after the music stops, the financial crisis. the response and the work ahead. he says it tries to answer the question, how do we get into this mess and how do we get out of it? i am pleased to have alan blinder back on this program. welcome. >> thank you very much. charlie: i'll say this to you. if you're going to write a book, then you need somebody to endorse it. this is not bad. a master piece. simple. straightforward. and wise. president william j. clinton. >> i have to admit i was pretty pleased with that endorsement. >> he actually read the book. i thought he would skim it. >> charlie: could you tell for sure. >> i wasn't going to do that. i think it's impolite to a former' president. >> charlie: you think he read the book. >> he said he read the book. charlie: here was the question though. before we talk about the book. let's talk about where we are today. we had a dip in the fourth quarter. do you read anything into that? >> not very much. we had a dip in the fourth imparte
. as i begin i thank president clinton for his service to our nation. jacobi: it's a never-ending cycle. i stand here today humbled... jacobi: what goes around comes around. i thank president bush for his service to our nation. jacobi: so far shakespeare's richard has fought bitterly to deny the inevitable. now, though, he appears to just give up, almost deposing himself. what must the king do now? must he submit? the king shall do it. must he be deposed? the king shall be contented. must he lose the name of king, a god's name? let it go. it's the sensitivity of richard. it's the vulnerability of richard behind the divinity, the impregnable man, the man with ostensibly total self-belief and therefore total courage, and inside is this kind of boy this sensitive boy who actually can't cope. i'll be buried in the kings highway some way of common trade where subjects' feet may hourly trample on their sovereign's head. for on my heart they tread now whilst i live, and buried once, why not upon my head? the pathos is simultaneously moving an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2